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Green Street Releases 2023 Pan-European Sector Outlooks with Expanded Insights Across 30 Top Markets

The annual reports, along with updated Market Data in Green Street’s web platform, contain a wealth of unparalleled research and cross-border standardised analytics to help identify the best markets for long-term investing

London, 26 January 2023 – Green Street, the preeminent provider of actionable commercial real estate intelligence and analytics, has released its 2023 Pan-European Sector Outlooks, a bundle of in-depth research reports covering commercial real estate. The Outlook reports provide a 360-degree view of the four core property sectors in the Top 30 Pan-European markets to help market participants identify long-term investment opportunities in the midst of capital market uncertainty.

The 2023 Pan-European Industrial, Office, Residential and Retail Sector Outlooks include supply/demand analysis, growth forecasts, valuation metrics, and NUTS3 and Market Grades representing long-term growth potential.

Green Street has integrated five new Pan-European markets: Edinburgh, Geneva, Lisbon, Prague and Warsaw throughout the Outlooks and across its powerful web platform. Market participants can now compare Market Grades, net initial yields, economic cap rates, Commercial Property Price Indices (CPPIs), market forecasts, sales comps, and insights, with more than 15 years of historical data – across 30 metro areas.

Below is a ranking of the property sectors preferred by Green Street in 2023:

  • Industrial: Green Street’s Long-Term Favorite
    The Industrial sector remains Green Street’s favorite sector from a long-term hold perspective for the third consecutive year. “Robust tenant demand has fueled the sector since the onset of the pandemic and it is expected to remain strong in 2023,” explains Peter Papadakos, Head of European Research for Green Street.
  • Retail: Brick-and-Mortar Assets Stage a Comeback
    Supply and demand fundamentals are now in balance after years of weak demand, enabling landlords to underwrite future rent growth. “High initial yields will bolster the sector, catapulting it to Green Street’s second-best sector from a risk-adjusted return perspective,” said Papadakos.
  • Residential: Increased Regulations Hamper the Outlook
    “Stricter rent regulations and affordability concerns pose the greatest risk to Residential property fundamentals. The Residential sector income should remain resilient due to new household formation growth outpacing supply over the medium-term,” noted Papadakos.
  • Office: Hybrid/Work From Home Policies Drag on Sector
    “With hybrid work here to stay, office-property owners holding highly amenitised, Class A green assets will outperform owners of older, Class B assets as the massive bifurcation between the asset classes continues. This phenomenon has negatively impacted yields and fundamentals,” Papadakos concluded.

For more information on the Outlook reports, click on this link for a free sample report:


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