Green Street
    Leverage Independent Insights
  • Thought-provoking conclusions that challenge consensus and historical assumptions
  • Trust Portfolio Analytics for an independent assessment of value and risk
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    Cross-Compare Sectors & Markets
  • Improve your investment thesis/pitch deck with comprehensive analysis Broaden your perspective on opportunities versus what is being pitched
  • Analyze relative value to pick sectors and markets best positioned to outperform
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    Strategize Around Macro Shifts Strategise Around Macro Shifts
  • Use macro and public market early warning signals to improve disposition timing Assess the impacts of trends such as demographics, policy, tech disruptors, and more
  • Maximize interest of REITs and other potential suitors to attract competitive bids Capitalise on public market signals to identify potential mispricing in the private space
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    Capitalize on Experience
  • Leverage verified transaction comps and Green Street's AVM to validate current pricing Shorten submarket selection process with proprietary grades across metros
  • Shorten submarket selection process with proprietary metrics and grades Pursue a focused real estate securities strategy, aligned with best-in-class research, and leverage our robust Sales Comps database of verified transactions €5M+
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The Green Street Difference

Green Street has developed its proprietary, differentiated research methodology over the past 35 years. As the leader in real estate research, we bring a unique set of advantages to commercial real estate investors.

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