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Which Cities Are Poised to Rebound Faster Post-Pandemic?

Cities that serve as hubs for innovation and talent rank among the top destinations worldwide  poised for a faster economic and commercial real estate rebound in the wake of the pandemic, based on a report published on MarketWatch by real estate services firm, Jones Lang LaSalle.

San Jose, San Francisco, New York, Paris, London and Seattle and other urban hubs reputed for fostering talent and innovation earned top 10 spots in JLL's ranking.

MarketWatch cited data from Green Street's monthly Commercial Property Price Index (CPPI) in its article: "What has surprised is how well property markets have held up in the months since the first wave of pandemic lockdowns upended the work-life dynamic nearly two years ago."

U.S. commercial property prices climbed 24% in 2021, declining briefly during the onset of the pandemic.

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