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Strategic advice for commercial real estate investors and operators to enhance value for stakeholders

Insightful, strategic real estate expertise

Green Street's Advisory Services Group delivers tailored, unbiased advice to owners and investors worldwide, spanning diverse asset classes and markets, both traditional and niche. With unrivaled independence and expertise in both public and private real estate sectors, Green Street's insight has consistently driven significant shareholder value throughout cycles.

Advising a wide range of leading real estate players

Clients have included private real estate companies, publicly traded and non-traded REITs, C-corps, operating companies, hedge funds, pension funds, family offices, and more.

Shareholder Value Services

Communication Strategy
Public Real Estate Operating

IPO Advisory

$690 Million IPO
First REIT IPO in India

Company Positioning

Global property owner

Strategic Advisory

Fortune 500 Retailer

Activist Situations

Darden Restaurants

IPO Advisory

$725 Million IPO
Cold Storage

Bespoke Research

Ground Lease Primer

Portfolio Valuation

Private REIT

Meet our team of Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Our Advisory group has over 100 years of industry experience. We capitalize on the expertise of Green Street's esteemed team of research professionals and have a wealth of knowledge and practical experience from working with high-profile real estate market participants.

Green Street Advisory Services is a state registered investment adviser regulated by the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Services are only offered to clients or perspective clients where Green Street and its advisory representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure. Please note, Green Street's US Research, Data, and Analytics products along with its global news publications are not provided as an investment advisor nor in the capacity of a fiduciary. The firm maintains information barriers to ensure the independence of its non-regulated businesses from the regulated services provided by Green Street.

*Europe team members are employees of Green Street Advisors (UK) Limited, an affiliate of Green Street and regulated through the Financial Conduct Authority. All Acts performed in the United States are supervised by
Green Street US.

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We help world class companies in the commercial real estate and REIT industry overcome business challenges and capitalize on investment opportunities.

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*Please note that we only accept as clients entities or persons who can be classified as professional clients or eligible counterparties under the FCA rules.