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CNBC: Most shoppers are still leery of buying their groceries online. But delivery in the US is set to 'explode'

According to CNBC:

You might think that just about everybody is buying groceries online today, as retailers like Walmart, Kroger and Amazon race to perfect their delivery services and tout their abilities to get food to shoppers' homes in under an hour. But that's not exactly the case.

Grocery shoppers are still concerned they're being charged higher prices online and complain about delivery drivers being late, among other disappointments.


It was reported just last month that Trader Joe's would halt its online grocery delivery service in New York next month, and instead will focus on customer service and better utilizing space in stores.

"Over time advances in technology and delivery will gain traction," Vince Tibone, an analyst at Green Street Advisors who looks at strip centers, said. "Grocery stores need to evolve."

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