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Green Street’s Real Estate Alert Reveals That Private Capital Sales Doubled in 2021 to Over $80 Billion

Insightful new supplement also includes broker rankings of $5- to $25-million deals

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 24, 2022 – Green Street’s Real Estate Alert has released its second-annual broker rankings of U.S. transactions priced between $5 million and $25 million in the office, multifamily, industrial, retail, hotel and overall property sectors.

The rankings are published in the Feb. 22 Real Estate Alert special supplement, which marks the culmination of the publication’s 2021 broker rankings including separate rankings focused on the institutional marketplace (deals over $25 million). The supplement also highlights transaction and market-level trends available on Green Street’s all-in-one SaaS solution that is driven by a powerful combination of trusted news, data, research and analytics.

In the supplement, Real Estate Alert continues to cover the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the private commercial real estate market as the world enters a post-pandemic era.

Sales of properties valued between $5 million and $25 million doubled in 2021. Private-capital sales reached $80.56 billion across the five sectors, up from $40.43 billion the year prior. The boom in smaller sales lagged the stunning 139.5% increase in the institutional sector, though a jump in valuations has pushed prices above $25 million for many mid-size assets.

According to Real Estate Alert, multiple factors continue to spur the “turbocharged” private-capital market: Billions of dollars of pent-up equity from domestic and foreign buyers, still-low interest rates and marketing campaigns touting real estate’s historic role as a hedge against inflation. As a result, sales are expected to rise again in 2022.

Since 2001, Real Estate Alert has been the most-authoritative source on broker rankings of transactions exceeding $25 million in the institutional market. “The second-annual broker rankings of deals between $5 million and $25 million, along with our analysis of private real estate market conditions, highlight the dedication by both Real Estate Alert and Green Street to deliver the most comprehensive news and analysis in the industry,” said T.J. Foderaro, Editor-in-Chief of Green Street News.

Along with other data points, the broker rankings fuel Green Street’s U.S. Sales Comps solution, a tool available through its web platform that provides accurate coverage of transactions valued at $5 million and up. The U.S. Sales Comps solution contains 75,000 verified investment sales transactions compiled over the past 15 years, totaling $4 trillion in value. The high quality of the underlying sales comps is due to the firm’s unique approach of meticulous verification and more than 20 years of exclusive transactions insights, enabling an unmatched, 360-degree view of commercial real estate analysis from the macro-level down to the property-level.

Download the Real Estate Alert Special Supplement for the full 2021 rankings and analysis of deals valued between $5 million and $25 million.
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