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May 8, 2023

CNBC Squawk Box Interview: Dangers Lurking in Real Estate?

In this exclusive interview with anchor Becky Quick of CNBC Squawk Box, Green Street’s EVP and Director of Research Cedrik Lachance, provides his outlook on cash-flowing property sectors, the Office sector and the challenges facing some commercial real estate lenders and borrowers as a potential wave of loans is expected to come due over the next three years.

It's not all doom and gloom for commercial real estate, Cedrik told CNBC on May 3, 2023. Self-Storage, Industrial and Manufactured Home Park are cash-flowing sectors that continue to perform well. On the other hand, Green Street has "been negative” on the Office business for several years, viewing it as expensive in the public market.

Cedrik concludes his discussion with CNBC by discussing what lenders and borrowers may do to address the potential wave of CRE loans coming due through 2026.

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